Environment Variables

Environment variables

Here is a list of environment variables used by runtipi and their usage. These values are set in the .env file and cannot be manually changed as the file is generated by the start command. You can change some values by using custom settings or by using custom environment variables.

INTERNAL_IPThis is the IP address of the server in the internal network. It is used to generate links to the web interface.
ARCHITECTUREThis is the architecture of the server. It is used to download the correct version of the runtipi apps.
TIPI_VERSIONThe current version of runtipi.
ROOT_FOLDER_HOSTThe root folder of the runtipi installation.
NGINX_PORTThe port used by nginx without SSL (default 80)
NGINX_PORT_SSLThe port used by nginx with SSL (default 443)
POSTGRES_HOSTThe host of the postgres database.
POSTGRES_PASSWORDThe password of the postgres database.
POSTGRES_PORTThe port used by postgres (default 5432)
POSTGRES_USERNAMEThe username of the postgres database.
POSTGRES_DBNAMEThe name of the postgres database.
REDIS_HOSTThe host of the redis database.
REDIS_PASSWORDThe password of the redis database.
RUNTIPI_APP_DATA_PATHThe path where to store the app-data folder.
RUNTIPI_USER_CONFIG_PATHThe path where to store the user-config folder.
RUNTIPI_TRAEFIK_PATHThe path where to store the traefik folder.
RUNTIPI_LOGS_PATHThe path where to store the logs folder.
RUNTIPI_APPS_PATHThe path where to store the apps folder.
RUNTIPI_REPOS_PATHThe path where to store the repos folder.
RUNTIPI_STATE_PATHThe path where to store the state folder.
RUNTIPI_MEDIA_PATHThe path where to store the media folder.
NODE_ENVThe environment of the server.
DOMAINThe domain name of the server.
LOCAL_DOMAINThe domain name of the server in the local network.
APPS_REPO_URLThe URL of the apps repository.
APPS_REPO_IDA hash of the apps repository URL.
TZThe timezone of the server. Used only by some apps
DNS_IPThe IP address of the DNS server. Legacy variable, not used anymore. Kept for compatibility.
JWT_SECRETThe secret used to sign the JWT tokens.
DEMO_MODEWhether the server will be in demo mode and have a limited set of features.
GUEST_DASHBOARDWhether the server will have a guest dashboard.
ALLOW_ERROR_MONITORINGWhether the server will send error reports to runtipi developers.
PERSIST_TRAEFIK_CONFIGDo not replace the traefik config in every restart

App specific environment variables

Each app will have access to the previously mentioned environment variables as well as the following ones:

APP_PORTThe port used by the app.
APP_IDThe ID of the app.
APP_DATA_DIRThe path where the app data is stored.
APP_EXPOSEDWhether the app is exposed by traefik.
APP_DOMAINThe domain of the app. FQDN if exposed otherwise ip:port.
APP_HOSTSame as APP_DOMAIN. But without the port in non-exposed scenarios.
APP_PROTOCOLThe protocol used by the app. (http or https)