Backup and restore

Backup and restore

When changing hardware or network infrastructure, it is sometimes necessary to migrate your install onto a new device. You can do so by following the following steps.

On your first server, navigate to the runtipi folder and stop runtipi using the CLI

sudo ./runtipi-cli stop

Navigate to the parent directory and create an archive of the runtipi folder

tar -czvf runtipi.tar.gz runtipi

Send the archive to your second server. For example, using magic-wormhole (opens in a new tab). On your second server, extract the archive where you want the runtipi folder to live in.

tar -xzvf runtipi.tar.gz -C .

Start runtipi on your second server using the CLI

cd runtipi && sudo ./runtipi-cli start

Make sure you have docker installed on your second server before starting runtipi. An easy way to do so is to install a clean runtipi instance on your second server, then stop it and replace the runtipi folder with the one you just extracted.

You're ready to go! Make sure any shared folder or manual network config you may have performed on your first server is re-applied again on your new server.