Getting Started



This guide will help you install Tipi on your server. Make sure your server is secured and you have followed basic security practices before installing Tipi. (e.g. firewall, ssh keys, root access, etc.) Here is a good guide (opens in a new tab) to follow.

Hardware Requirements

Our software uses containerization and has the same hardware requirements as Docker:

Minimum Requirements

  • A 64-bit processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 10GB free disk space

Recommended Requirements

  • A modern multi-core processor
  • 8GB of RAM or more
  • 20GB free SSD disk space

Supported Architectures

  • x86_64/amd64
  • arm64

Not all apps are supported in the arm64 architecture, tipi will auto hide apps that are not supported by your architecture.

OS Requirements

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or higher is recommended. However other major Linux distribution are supported but may lead to installation issues. Please file an issue if you encounter one.

If Docker is already installed on your machine, Tipi will use it to run the dashboard. Otherwise, it will install Docker for you.


If you already have docker installed make sure to have the docker compose plugin installed.

Run docker compose version to check if it is installed. Instructions to install it can be found here (opens in a new tab).


If you already have docker installed make sure you used the official docker install script from here (opens in a new tab) as this guarantees that you have the latest build. If you used a command like sudo apt install you may have an outdated version and issues may occur.

VPS users

If you intend to self-host stuff on a VPS consider if it is a good or bad idea. Whether you use Runtipi or not, it is most of the time a bad idea. Except if you put the correct security measures in place.

When you install Runtipi on a VPS it is immediately vulnerable and open to the world through its public IP. The same goes for all apps you will install down the line through their respective ports.

If you still want to run on a VPS, here are a few steps to consider in order to increase your safety:

  • Setup a firewall and ensure it is impossible to access a running service from ip:port
  • Install a VPN like tailscale to create a secure and trusted private network to access your apps.
  • If an app needs to be accessed from the public, always use a tunnel and set it up specifically for this app

Download and install Tipi

Download the latest version of Tipi:

curl -L | bash

If you have some issue with the command above, you can also download the script directly from github:

curl -L | bash


This command updates tipi to the latest version available.

You can update to the latest version with this command:

sudo ./runtipi-cli update latest

If you want to specify a specific version to update or downgrade to you can use the command like this:

sudo ./runtipi-cli update v2.0.7

You can downgrade Tipi to a previous version by running the update command with the version you want to downgrade to. However, this is highly discouraged as it may lead to breaking your install.