Linking a domain to your dashboard

Linking a domain to your dashboard


For security reasons, it is highly discouraged to expose your dashboard to the internet. We recommend you to expose only individual apps. And follow this guide only if you have a particular use case (e.g. a demo instance of runtipi)

If you want to link a domain to your dashboard, you can do so by providing the domain option in your dashboard settings or with the settings.json file.

  "domain": ""

A Let's Encrypt certificate will be generated and installed automatically. Make sure to have ports 80 and 443 open on your firewall and that your domain has an A record pointing to your server IP.

Please note that this setting will only expose the dashboard. If you want to expose other apps, you need to configure them individually.

This option will only work if you keep the default port 80 and 443 for the dashboard.