Getting Started
Using the CLI

Using the CLI

If you are running a version above 1.6.0 the scripts folder is deprecated and no longer working and the recommended way to interact with tipi from the command line is the all new utility runtipi-cli. The cli is a powerfull tool added to tipi that organizes everything in one file. Here is the reference:


./runtipi-cli command options

Watch command

This command starts the tipi watcher script and displayes the live output of it.

To use it run the command:

sudo ./runtipi-cli watch

This is mostly for development purposes and you shouldn't use for no bug-related reason.

Start Command

The start command starts tipi through the command line.

To start tipi run the following command:

sudo ./runtipi-cli start

The start command can also be used to restart tipi although the restart command that is referenced bellow is the recommended way.

Tipi requires root to run in order to create some file permissions so thats why sudo is being used. If you are the root account you can skip the sudo command.


If you don't want to provide root access to tipi you can use the --no-sudo switch to run in a fully rootless mode. However this is still in development and you may face permission issues with some apps.

Stop Command

The stop command stop tipi through the command line.

To stop tipi run the following command:

sudo ./runtipi-cli stop

Restart Command

To restart tipi from the command line run this command:

sudo ./runtipi-cli restart


This command updates tipi to the latest version available.

You can update to the latest version with this command:

sudo ./runtipi-cli update

If you want to specify a specific version to update or downgrade to you can use the command like this:

sudo ./runtipi-cli update v2.0.7

You can downgrade Tipi to a previous version by running the update command with the version you want to downgrade to. However, this is highly discouraged as it may lead to breaking your install.

Reset password command

This command is used to reset a forgotten password.

To reset your password run the following command and refresh your tipi webpage it should prompt you to enter your new password.

./runtipi-cli reset-password

Clean logs command

This command is used to clean tipi's logs.

To clean the logs run this command:

./runtipi-cli clean-logs

App management command

This command can be used to start and stop apps from the cli.

./runtipi-cli app [command] <app>

Example: Start the code-server app

./runtipi-cli app start code-server

Example: Stop the code-server app

./runtipi-cli app stop code-server

Help command

This command is used to display help for an other command in runtipi cli.

To use this command just run this:

./runtipi-cli help start

This will display the help for the start command.