Homeservermanagement made easy.

Free and open-source, runtipi lets you install all your favorite self-hosted apps without the hassle of configuring and managing each service. One-click installs and updates for more than 200 popular apps.

Deploy faster

From zero to deployed in minutes

Chose any app from our app store and install it pre-configured. It just works and everything can be customized to your needs.

Screenshot of the Runtipi dashboard
  • One click install. Install your favorite self-hosted apps with a single click. No configuration, no docker knowledge required.
  • SSL certificates. Expose your apps to the world instantly. Automatic SSL certificates management with Let's Encrypt.
  • Easy updates and configuration. Update your apps with a single click. Customize your apps with a simple web UI.

Easy to use and to customize

Each app comes with a pre-configured state that works out of the box. You can customize it as you want to fit your needs.

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